Standard Edition cover art.

Ocean Eyes is the second full length album created by Owl City. As the second release under Universal Republic, it was released first as downloadable content on iTunes on July 14th, 2009. Ocean Eyes has two editions, standard and deluxe - the differences between the two are alternate album-art and several added tracks.

Track ListingEdit

Standard EditionEdit

Track No. Title Duration
1. Cave In 4:02
2. The Bird and the Worm 3:27
3. Hello Seattle 2:47
4. Umbrella Beach 3:50
5. The Saltwater Room 4:02
6. Dental Care 3:11
7. Meteor Shower 2:14
8. On the Wing 5:01
9. Fireflies 3:48
10. The Tip of the Iceberg 3:23
11. Vanilla Twilight 3:52
12. Tidal Wave 3:10

Deluxe Edition (Disc Two)Edit

Track No. Title Duration
1. Hot Air Balloon 3:35
2. Butterfly Wings 2:54
3. Rugs from Me to You 1:27
4. Sunburn 3:47
5. Hello Seattle (Remix) 5:53
6. If My Heart Was A House 4:06
7. Strawberry Avalanche 3:18
8. Fireflies (Adam Young Remix) 3:12

Fireflies (Adam Young Remix) is an iTunes-exclusive release.

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