Maybe I'm Dreaming
Owl City - Maybe I'm Dreaming
Album cover
Owl City
Released March 17, 2008 (Original release)

March 30, 2010 (Re-release)

Recorded February 2008
Length Unknown
Label Self-release (Oiginal release)

Universal Republic (Re-release)

Producer Adam Young

Maybe I'm Dreaming was the second self-released album by Owl City, released March 17, 2008. [1]

Track ListingEdit

All songs are written and composed by Adam Young.

No. Title Length
1 On The Wing 5:05
2 Rainbow Veins 4:41
3 Super Honeymoon 3:21
4 The Saltwater Room 4:56
5 Early Birdie 4:16
6 Air Traffic 3:02
7 The Technicolor Phase 4:28
8 Sky Diver 2:45
9 Dear Vienna 3:59
10 I'll Meet You There 4:17
11 This Is The Future 2:54
12 West Coast Friendship 4:07

Music VideosEdit



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