Sky Sailing- An Airplane Carried Me to Bed

Album Artwork of An Airplane Carried Me To Bed.

An Airplane Carried Me To Bed is the first and (likely) the last album by Sky Sailing - a side project of Adam Young. It, along with other Sky Sailing releases, are made up of Young's music before Owl City was formed.

Track No. Title Duration
1 Captains of the Sky 2:43
2 Brielle 4:06
3 Steady as She Goes 2:36
4 Explorers 4:10
5 A Little Opera Goes a Long Way 3:48
6 Tennis Elbow 3:45
7 Blue and Red 3:39
8 Alaska 2:36
9 I Live Alone 4:04
10 Take Me Somewhere Nice 2:37
11 Sailboats 4:19
12 Flowers of the Field 3:55

Flowers of the Field is an iTunes Pre-Order Bonus Track Single.

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