Adam young the today show

Young performing on The Today Show.[1][2]

Adam Randal Young is an American musician from Owatonna, Minnesota, who is the founder of many electronic music projects, including the world famous Owl City. Some of his other renowned works are: Sky Sailing, Port Blue, and Swimming With Dolphins. However, Young left the latter to focus on Owl City after it gained mainstream popularity.[3]

Musical ProjectsEdit

During bouts of Insomnia, Young originally began making music by himself in his parents' basement. Young published his electro-pop music on MySpace and iTunes, and, after selling approximately 2000 tracks a week,[4] Young released an EP and a Full Length Album.

"Owl City's" first release was Of June, which debuted on April 21 2007. Despite the independent release, it made Number 15 on the US Dance/Electronic Albums chart.[citation needed] Of June has seven tracks, the most notable of which is Hello Seattle, which was remixed and re-released with 2009 album Ocean Eyes .

Young has also overseen many lesser known solo projects, such as Sky Sailing which is similar to Owl City, and aeronautical project Port Blue - both of which are not as popular as Owl City, but still have recent releases of music.[5]

Owl CityEdit

Maybe I'm Dreaming, Owl City's first full length album was released on December 16 2008. Again still, despite the fact it was an independent release, it reached 13 on the US Dance/Electronic Albums chart. In 2009, Young signed a deal for Owl City with Universal Republic, and in the same year, released another full length album, Ocean Eyes through the record label.

Fireflies was a hit single, and sold over 650,000 copies in the first week of its release alongside Ocean Eyes. It was iTunes' Single Of The Week and later reached number 1 on the Billboard Top 100.